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Buddhist Services

Our firm over the years has become experts and community leaders with regards to our Buddhist practicing families. Our Funeral Home can guide your family during the funeral arrangements and help create and coordinate a traditional Buddhist funeral service.

Our staff will have the Chapel set up and designed in a manner in accordance with Buddhist practices, including a Buddhist altar, an altar for family offerings, as well as incense, candles, perishable supplies, microphones and speakers for the Buddhist Monks, families, and much more.

Our team has many connections throughout Massachusetts ranging from individual Monks, Temples, and many Community representatives who we have built a rapport with that are always available to assist you and your family during your time of need.

Our funeral directors are trained professionals when handling Buddhist burial and Buddhist cremation services. During the past five years we have seen a large amount of our community surrounding Dorchester and Boston choose to work with our firm due to our commitment of excellence, tradition, and respect for the Buddhist Funeral traditions. Our directors will walk your family through every step of the arrangement, from choosing a temple, working with a community monk, how the burial and/ or cremation process will occur, and providing ceremonial dress-wear for the deceased as well as 24-hour prayers and chants.

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