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Our staff are well trained and knowledgeable of the practices within the Vietnamese community, ranging from Burial or Cremation Services, Buddhist, Catholic, and Baptist practices, traditional orthodox ceremonies for Buddhist and Catholic families, and much more. We believe this is why our firm has become a guiding pillar within the community, our firm primarily services the Vietnamese Community, and we do So proudly, kindly, and with respect.

Our staff will have the Chapel set up and designed in a manner in accordance with Catholic or Buddhist practices, including a Crucifix, Prayer kneeler, an altar for family offerings, and much more. Our Chapel can fit comfortably 75-100 individuals sitting, this does not include standing space, sitting rooms, or our side chapels. This offering is the same for our Buddhist families, we will set up our Buddhist Altar, prayer tables, incense, Buddhist Statues, Chapel Photos, stationery and perishable items with regards to the funeral ceremony.

Our team has many connections throughout Massachusetts ranging from individual Priests and Deacons, Churches, and many Community representatives who we have built a rapport with that are always available to assist you and your family during your time of need. Did you know that members of the clergy can perform funeral services inside of a funeral home.

Our team has many connections through Massachusetts ranging from Monks, Temples, Translators, Consulate and Embassy Representatives, and much more to aide in arranging a funeral for your loved one. Please ask our staff about our international funeral services, our firm has become experts in sending human remains to Vietnam in a timely and expedited manner following services here in the United States to allow families in Vietnam to offer their final respects and have a burial or cremation service in their homeland. Our location also offers live-streaming of funeral services at no cost, for loved ones that are out of the region, elderly, and for those who are unable to attend in person funeral services.

Our funeral directors are trained professionals when handling Vietnamese burial and Vietnamese cremation services. Over the years we have seen a large amount of our community surrounding Dorchester and Boston choose to work with our firm due to our commitment of excellence, tradition, and respect for the Vietnamese community.

Our directors will walk your family through every step of the arrangement, from choosing a church, temple, in house funeral service. We will also coordinate working with a community priest or deacon, Monk, and more. Our staff will guide your family through the burial and/ or how the cremation process will occur.

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